The Old Man And The Sea

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Genre & The Author and His Times

Classified as a parable or tragedy, The Old Man and the Sea raised many eyes when it was first published. "’In the best of early Hemingway it always seemed that if exactly the right words in exactly the right order were not chosen, something monstrous would occur, an unimaginably delicate internal warning system would be thrown out of adjustment, and some principle of personal and artistic integrity would be fatally compromised,’ John Aldridge wrote. ’But by the time he came to write The Old Man and the Sea there seems to have been nothing at stake except the professional obligation to sound as much like Hemingway as possible. The man had disappeared behind the mannerism, the artist behind the artifice, and all that was left was a coldly flawless facade of words.’" (
Despite the negative reviews, The Old Man and the Sea is still considered one of Hemingway’s best works; for it he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953. In 1954 he continued on to win Nobel Prize for Literature. But the last few years of his life were a great physical and emotional trauma. He lost his ability to write, which was the thing he loved most. In 1961 Ernest Hemingway was unable to handle it anymore and took his own life.

Form, Structure, and Plot

The novella is organized in chapters and chronological order. It covers a total of five days; the day before Santiago catches the…

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