The On The Hands Of An Angry God

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“... He will crush you under his feet without mercy; he’ll crush out your blood, and make it fly,” (p355). Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, is quite possibly the most terrifying sermon that has been taught. The idea of this merciful, yet, petrifying God is conveyed through the words of Jonathan Edwards. Edwards, a puritan preachers from the eighteenth century, uses his words as scare tactics to persuade the listener to repent. This would be considered similar to the hellfire and brimstone preachers of today. This is one of the lasting effects puritanism has left on America. Although the ideology of the puritans has lost its favor in society, and its hold is slowly loosening. This can be seen in politics, churches, and society as a …show more content…

Men tend to be the CEO’s, President’s, Vice President’s, and Treasures of companies. Men still tend to be paid more than the women who work. There are many more examples of how society is primarily still run under a patriarchy. One is through the media. Most commercials seen on the television is geared toward men. I.e. the skimpy dressed female eating a burger, and savoring every last bite. That is not just geared toward men it is sexually geared toward men. However, women can not say much because they have David Beckham walking around in underwear as well. Religiously, this is all very wrong, especially according to the laws they set originally. Many things have changed in the church since Jonathan Edwards preached this sermon. For one, the church has split into even more denominations; presbyterian, baptist, episcopalian, pentecostal, free will, etc. Due to the puritan influence, each church has interpreted the word of God in different ways. The denomination that is similar to the type of preacher Edwards was is Pentecostal. One of the few churches that have not accepted homosexuality. Recently, this has been a very serious subject among the churches, along with the support of abortions. In bible belt this is an even bigger topic because there are so many churches. It is almost like peer pressure, if one does it the others do as well. Edwards would preach against the change and

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