The Ones That Are Wanted By Corinne Kratz

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“The Ones That Are Wanted”, comes from an expression used by an Okiek elder examining Corinne Kratz’s photographs, to describe his people living in Kenya’s western highlands. This book follows Kratz’s travelling exhibition of anthropological photographs produced with the purpose to dissect the complexities that surround cultural representation. She does so by telling a vivid story, which is emphasised through her use of photographs, description the Okiek life history, the reasons for her photographic exhibition from its start in the 1980’s, to its public release in 1989 at Nairobi’s National Museum in Kenya, which went on to be displayed in seven venues across the United States. The book is divided into two main sections, the first which examines the replication of her photographic exhibitions and the second which examines the museum exhibitions as “events, objects, and interactive processes” (Kratz, C. 2002: pg. 91), with the penultimate aim to challenge stereotypes which had developed in postcolonial societies of the Okiek people being “primitive”. To do this she uses a variety of interesting methods, which include interviews with visitors, the Okiek’s personal perspectives on her photographs, and numerous articles, papers and books which explore the scope of her exhibitions at each venue to help achieve her aim. Kratz’s book does not simply describe and explain her work with the Okiek, but rather it becomes an incorporated collection of both analytic and reflective

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