The Open Source Of Cloud Computing

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As building and maintaining the infrastructure for compute, storage and networking resources from the ground up is becoming a serious capital constraint for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises, the era of cloud computing is becoming more and more established. This paper aims at understanding the open source OpenStack architecture and various services that it provides as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to build scalable, cost-friendly and efficient cloud that relates to managing and maintaining large clusters of commodity and x86 servers along with storage and networking resources. It is very important for the service providers and enterprises to look into open source cloud computing platforms as using open source solutions can drastically cut down the capital costs and help enterprises from getting into a vendor lock-in service level agreements. I. Introduction Cloud is a trending term across the Internet and is often confused with data center and virtualization. To begin with, data center and virtualization are centric to the cloud, but scope of the cloud as a whole is much wider. To put in simple words, a cloud is a pool of large configurable resources that are available on demand over the Internet. These resources can be available in the form of storage devices, servers, processors, and network interfaces [4]. Packaging these resources to provide services to end-users is termed as cloud computing. The users are provided with an ease of accessibility
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