The Organizational And Management Theory Of A Startup Company

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How our leaders will motivate

Our leadership style for our company is very supportive and achievement oriented. We will use a process-based theory called expectancy theory to motivate our employees. Our leaders will motivate by making sure that our employees have high expectancy, instrumentality, and valence. This section will cover how we will keep these three elements high as a startup company and as a bigger company.
Expectancy- To keep expectancy high with our employees we will make sure that our employees have the proper skills, abilities, and knowledge about accounting before they are hired. Our company will make sure that our employees have the right resources to get their work done and that their roles in their team are clear to …show more content…

How our leaders will use Performance management to keep motivation high. In the previous section we determined how our leaders will motivate our employees. The rewards we described before will be based on Performance. In order to measure employee performance we will create a performance management system. In the beginning, our company will use a dynamic performance management system that will have the goal of ensuring that people are working productively and on the right things. Our company will use this process to create a motivational work environment through 4 steps.
Step 1: defining performance expectations and setting company goals.
Our company would make sure that each employee knows what is expected of them by setting specific and challenging S.M.A.R.T goals at the team level and the organizational level. These goals will create an action plan that will motivate the employee by giving them direction and providing challenges, while also giving them a clear line of sight in what they should be doing. These goals will directly tie to the organization's strategy and operational plan.

Step 2: Performance monitoring and evaluation step.
Once a goal is set and it creates an action plan for our organization, our managers would start monitoring and evaluating the progress being made toward the goal. We would do this as a way to keep our goals front and center to our employees. This would be done through quarterly performance

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