The Origin Of Modern Political Thought

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The origin of modern political thought has been traced back to the time of the renaissance in Europe. Many people find it hard to believe that this “modern” view on politics could be traced back almost 500 years. Some might say, “Our politics now are much more complicated that the ones that were talked about back then.” In fact, this is false. The origin of modern political thought was, in fact, introduced to the world during the time of the renaissance. In the Italian city of Florence lived the political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, who is the man responsible for shaping the view of modern political thought. Noccolò Machiavelli was born May 3, 1469 in the Tuscan town of Florence. Florence was a major town in the Tuscan areas during the 12th century. By the time the renaissance came around during the 13th century, Florence was one of the largest and most influential cities in Europe. It was known for not only its high levels of literacy and education, but also for its rich population of merchants, artisans, aristocrats and nobles. Like many other growing cities in Europe there was conflict over how the government was going to be run. Even with internal conflict still ensuing Florence, during the 14th century it was able to achieve an excellent financial and commercial base, which carried a strong currency. When the Black Plague came sweeping across Europe, Florence’s population dramatically decreased from its astounding 100,000 people. This plummeting population
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