The Origin Of Nationalism And Nation 's Suffering And What Is The Remedy?

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70. What is the Origin of ‘NATIONALISM’ & Nation’s Suffering and what is The Remedy? • With the resurgence of Nationalism, the world is heading to yet another mayhem on the planetary scale. Precisely, the Nationalism was just temporary ‘sidelined’ by the carefully conducted propaganda of globalism in order to assure peace and economic prosperity among basically ‘hooligan’ nations after WWII. Ex-militarist and ultra-nationalists who were satiated by the wars, especially those who suffered tremendously, have relatively quickly transformed own mentality and now as ‘Mature experienced Souls’ welcome peace and the generally coincidental propaganda trends. However, the planet has also changed dramatically, the multiplying population in several…show more content…
In other words, the same propaganda that was effective meeting the ‘Mature Souls’ is impotent in capturing the ‘mind & souls’ of the, in cosmic terms, ‘newcomers’. The problem is that in ‘man-made’ terms ‘skillful’ propagandists still demonstrate pure Cosmic Ignorance in dealing with for them a ‘new situation’. When started to produce the contrary effects in recipients, the audience in a mental condition still premature for any kind of brain-washing regarding Internationalism. Therefore, the ‘pre-mature conditioning of the ‘Young Souls’ is perceived as ‘over-doing’ and swiftly leads to saturation and fatigue, the opposite reaction from desired, but certainly not the natural convincement. On the other side, stopping the propaganda would immediately open the main portal for the natural revival of National-atavistic mental forces being harbored and in hermetic conditions for a while. In other words, not any, and especially not lasting ‘win-win’ situation is feasible, until people outlive ugly Nationalism and through inherent nature disassociate from the lethal state of mind called Nationalism. Propagandists cannot put dots together and realize that what represents a clear advantage for the international corporations, some politicians, and some truly sophisticated
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