The Dangers of the Government Controlling Thought Based on 1984

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Many countries believe that propaganda helps to institute a necessary level of patriotism in their citizens. Most authoritarian governments, the type of government that Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell illustrates, use propaganda. However, the use of propaganda also limits the freedom of people since propaganda can control thought and speech. Propaganda can influence people to believe that their country is the best country by either exaggerating the positive events that are happening in their country or by showing negative events that are happening in other countries. Nineteen Eighty-Four is more about the dangers of the government controlling people’s thoughts by propaganda than the dangers of an authoritarian government system. …show more content…

Winston concludes that writing a diary about his discontent of the Oceanic government may result in his “vaporization” (Orwell 19) because he is afraid that the government may spy on him through the telescreen. The Oceanic government limits the freedom of thought by spying on the Oceanic citizens. Therefore, the Oceanic citizens postulate that their thoughts can result in their death or nonexistence. The Oceanic government believes that the control of thought limits the chance of any rebellions that may result in the overthrow of the government and the Oceanic government is all about power. Propaganda can also control people’s thoughts through the portrayal of the country and the government’s attitude to resistance. In Oceania, the movies are more propaganda than entertainment, which is typical of many authoritarian countries (Varrachio 4). The government informs the citizens about the important events through this type of propaganda. The portrayal of only the positive events that are occurring in Oceania helps the citizens to exhibit a form of extreme patriotism. The Oceanic government concludes that the propaganda exhibited through the movies leads to less resistance to the government since the positive images prevent the citizens from plotting against the government. However the propaganda used in Oceania may not have an influence on some of the citizens since “Perceptions are not only unreliable; they are also

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