The Origin Of The Language And Development Of A New Culture

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The name of Kenya was derived from Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa. The Cushitis-speaking pastoralists were the first inhabitants to arrive in 2000 B.C. migrating from the Ethiopian highlands. The second group of inhabitants was the Nilotic-speakers and Bantu-speakers who arrived between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. Many visitors came from different parts of the world such as Arabia, Rome, Portugal, India and Greece, whom got to settle in Kenya. Ultimately the intermixing of the new settlers with the locals led to the creation of the Swahili language and development of a new culture. In the 8th Century, the first visit to East Africa was made by Arabian and Persian traders who brought a Muslim influence to the culture. At this time, most of the development and trade occur in the coastal region.
In the 15th century, the coastal region becomes the center of trade out of Africa. At this time, the Coast is reach, cities are grown, and Swahili people become wealthy. The trading business expands to Africa, India, Persia and China. With having a successful and rich trade in this region, Portugal shows interest in control of this region. The Portuguese, with 23 ships and 1500 soldiers, invades, kills and robs most of the cities on the East Coast of Africa. For the next two centuries, the Swahili people watch their cities along the Coast getting destroyed in the fight between Arabs and Portuguese to have full control on the region.
Many African countries were under
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