The Osi Reference Model Inn A Data Communication Network

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Q: 1 (a) explain the data encapsulation process in the OSI reference model inn a data communication network.
Ans:- The way toward going data through the layers of the OSI is called epitome. A convention information unit is a parcel of data made by a PC and go starting with one layer of the OSI then onto the next.
b). identify the advantages of layered approach of OSI reference model.
1) It is really non-specific model which is considered as a standard model.
2) It backings association situated and also connectionless administrations.
3) This layer takes after reflection rule that is change in one layer does not affect much on other layer.
4) It is more secure and versatile than having all administrations packaged in a solitary layer.
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ARP: - : stands for address resolution protocol and it helps to find the hardware address of a host from its recognised ip address. IT facilitates data exchange between computers on the same network. It is only used for one address request at a time. It operates as a interface between network and data link layer. DNS: - : stands for domain Name Server. It converts more readily learnt domain names to the numerical IP address required for the purpose of finding and classifying computer amenities and devices with the essential network protocols. This is used to resolve human readable hostname like

A). explain broadcast domain and collision domain with an example.
BROADCAST DOMAIN: Broadcast spaces have a place with an arrangement of gadgets in a similar IP system and works at layer three of the OSI show. That communicate message goes to each PC and system gadget in the communicate area. Regardless of what number of hosts or gadgets are associated together, in the event that they are associated with a repeater, center point, switch or extension, every one of these gadgets are in ONE Broadcast domain.

Collision domain- is a piece of a network connected by common medium through repeaters where data packets can crash with one another by being sent. It occur when more than one device efforts to send a packet on a network section at the similar time. Commonly we call media as shared
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