The Other Ones: A Narrative Fiction

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The Other Ones Page 1 The invasion was slow. At first there were just a few, no more than seven. The government had kept it all quiet of course. Nobody blames them, not that there are many to blame them anyhow. It was all they could do not to cause panic, they were likely just as afraid as the rest of us. These monsters, these invaders from another world. There were rumors for decades, everyone wrote them off as crazy conspiracy nuts. Stories of aliens coming, taking people, then just leaving, taking the innocent with them for dissections and experimentation. They said these aliens committed countless atrocities, wiped out millions of people over arguments, …show more content…

I don't know how long it's been since they have. I woke up, on the floor of my own home, surprisingly unharmed save for a few burns on my arms, presumably from where they touched my skin. I don't remember much, not after they arrived. I was so ready to take my stand, to fight against them for my home, for the future of my family. I’ve never been so stupid in my life. They were barely in the room before one of them let out this noise, unlike any I have ever heard. Had it come out of one of our kind then I might have thought it was some form of exclamation, not that I heard it for long. Not a moment had fully passed from when the sound pierced the air to when I lost all consciousness, only to wake here. Its dark outside, it’s easily possibly I’ve only been out a few hours, but just as possible it's been days. The silence is maddening. Is there anyone left out there? Am I the only one they spared, and if so why me? The Other Ones Page 2 Maybe I'm not spared, maybe it's only a matter of minutes before I feel their poison pumping through me, killing me slowly. There’s no way to know until it happens and that may be the worst of all, the not knowing. I don’t know if I might die without seeing my family ever again, I don't know if they're even still alive, if they even made it. The silence is beginning to get to me, I’m going to rest, maybe in the morning there will …show more content…

I’ve been unconscious for, I’m guessing, five days, making it thirteen days since our world was brutalized. The city is desolate, not a single soul in sight. I want to find others, need to see someone, anyone. At this point Id be thankful to see those evil outsiders. The good news in all this is I don’t feel weak or sick. Maybe I didn't come into enough contact with them to be infected, maybe I’m somehow immune. Either way I need to do something. Our city was the closest to the site where they landed, maybe if we’re extremely fortunate, they’ve left. Maybe they’re done with their sadistic torment of our people and have moved on to the next unsuspecting planet. At risk of sounding cliche, I suppose there’s only one way to find out. I was only halfway across the city when it happened. There was a flash of light, coming from the site where they landed, and then fire roaring across the sky, almost brighter than our closest star. So much fire. As quickly as the inferno filled the sky however, it was gone, along The Other Ones Page

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