The Other Side Of Castro

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The Other Side of Castro In my 27 years on this planet, I have heard little to nothing about the revolutionist and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Of the small amount of conversation which has occurred in front of me, Castro was always described in a negative way. He was described as a cruel, selfish Communist dictator who is against the ideas and beliefs of my own country. For those reasons, I have never bothered educating myself about Castro and his life. Now that I am older, my education has presented the opportunity for me to get to know Castro and see things from his perspective, the non-American perspective. Because I am curious about Castro 's rise early life, rise to power, and accomplishments during his rule, I have decided to research him due to the social movement which he represents for his people and the world. In order to understand a leader, one must start from their beginning. Fidel Alejandro Castro was born, out of wedlock, in August 13, 1926. His mother was Lina Ruz Gonzalez, and she was the housekeeper to his father 's first spouse, Maria Luisa Argota. Castro 's father, Angel, made a living from his sugar plantation. In Cuba, the sugar plantations were a major source of income for many people and their country. Castro had five siblings in total, all born out of wedlock. It was not until Castro was fifteen years old that his father decided to end his marriage with Maria to wed his mother Lina (“Fidel Alejandro”). Many critics of Castro 's life comment on his
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