Fidel Castro: A Poor Leader?

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In the article I have found that throughout the rule of Fidel Castro he has proven to be a very poor leader that turned many of his citizens away from him. During his rule in Cuba he did many controversy actions that caused Cubans to flee to America, his family to leave him, and blockades to be put on him.
Fidel Castro lead his country as a communist with a communist government. The government owned most of the things in the country and few of the citizens had private property and or possessions as it said in the article. These actions by the government that was lead by Castro is most likely a factor for Cubans fleeing to America. You can also see that Fidel Castro was a poor leader when the article states,” Castro was a bearded revolutionary who survived a crippling U.S. trade embargo as well as dozens, possibly hundreds, of assassination plots.” Many leaders to
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Citizens that flee the country and cheer over the death of their leader, shows that Fidel Castro didn’t have the citizens support during his rule. Another reason behind Fidel Castro being a poor leader for Cuba is when the article adds,” In 1964, Castro admitted to holding 15,000 people as political prisoners and thousands of Cubans fled, including Castro’s own daughter and sister.” His own daughter and sister fled the country. This displays that Castro was a very bad leader because he couldn’t even have his own family respect and favor his form of ruling Cuba. These facts that are displayed in the Article show that Fidel Castro was a poor leader. He did what he wanted and didn’t seek the people’s ideas. He held prisoners, thousands of people fled the country even his family. All of these effects of his rule show that Fidel Castro was an ineffective
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