The Other Wes Moore Analysis

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“The Other Wes Moore,”is a novel written by Wes Moore, who found another man with the same name. However, they were definitely not the same person. The other man was raised in Baltimore, Maryland by a single-mother addicted to marijuana. In his adulthood, he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole for robbing a jewelry store and being involved in the murder of a policeman. Throughout the story, the author visits and sends letters to the man in prison. He gathers information about the man’s life and how his decisions had ultimately led to his lifestyle for the rest of his days. The author compared both of their lives, and it is clear to see how their environments and associates had affected their earlier choices. For the …show more content…

That one person, is himself. There are two ways that he could’ve taken his home situation; use it as a ‘What Not To Do’ list, or vise versa. He chose the latter. That was his choice, and his choice alone. No one forced him to get involved in drugs, and no one put a gun to his head and made him make decisions he probably knew would ruin, or take, his life if he made one slip-up. It was him and only him, no one else. His parents are at partial blame, however, but Wes is the one responsible for his actions and decisions. There were multiple paths that Wes could’ve taken instead of the one he chose. “Wes had no intention to go to school. He was supposed to meet up with Woody and… their friends… to skip school….” He could’ve tried harder to stay in school, but he’d rather appear cool in front of his friends by seeming not to care about his education. It seems that after awhile, he really didn’t care. “As Wes rummaged through the closet…, he came across… his mother’s weed stash… Wes put the bag in his pocket and went outside to wait for Woody.” He could’ve walked out of his mother’s closet and left the weed where it was instead of calling his friends and smoking it. Again, though, he didn’t want his friends to think low of him. These are small examples, but they were a big impact on Wes’s life, and played a big part in as to why he’s where he is. Overall, Wes is the sole reason he is sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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