The Outbreak Of Ebola Is Promoted International Involvement From Many Organizations

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The recent outbreak of Ebola has promoted international involvement from many organizations and governments. Most of these efforts have been focused on short-term solutions to control the disease. However, while many organizations provided medical workers, aid, and supplies to combat Ebola, their actions were insufficient to stop the spread of disease. There remains a multitude of problems in Sub-Saharan Africa, including lack of locally trained medical professionals and poor coordination between global health organizations and governments. Ultimately, these issues must be addressed in order to stop the spread of Ebola as well as other infectious diseases. Background and Context On March 23rd, 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) …show more content…

These symptoms may not appear in individuals until 2-21 days after exposure to the disease, making it very difficult to contain. Moreover, EVD is hard to diagnose in patients given its non-specific symptoms and usually requires a hemorrhagic disease expert, which are rare among medical professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, Ebola, with a mortality rate of 80 percent, is often overlooked or confused with other diseases’ symptoms and not treated appropriately. The overall strategy in controlling EVD transmission focuses on two key factors: 1) early diagnosis and 2) infection control. Since there is no vaccine for Ebola, affected patients are treated using the following methods: a) Preventive Care: focuses on eliminating disease transmission between individuals b) Supportive Therapy: assists patients until they either recover or die from EVD There are a variety of international, national, and local organizations and institutions working to implement these treatments. The two main organizations fronting the international efforts are the WHO and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders. The WHO has assisted with preventive care by providing public education about EVD, household infection prevention and control kits, buckets, chlorine and soap, and the technical support to track the spread of disease.

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