The Outcome Of Germany Won The Battle Of Stalingrad

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The Outcome Had Germany Won the Battle of Stalingrad

World War 2 reshaped our world geographically, economically, and politically. During this time, Nazi Germany annihilated almost any opposition who challenged them. The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact was signed on August 23, 1939 shortly before World War 2. In this document, both countries promised to take no military action against each other for the next 10 years. However, during the war, Hitler found Russia a necessity to enhance his world power through the Volga River. For six months Germans and Russians fought scrupulously. Nazi troops fought their way into the heart of Stalingrad yet, with winter arriving, they found themselves cold, starving, and low on ammunition. Attempts at rescue by airdrops failed and the Russians enclosed their enemy. Approximately 91,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner and Russians claimed victory on August 23, 1942.
Although a single battle, the invasion of the city that bears its ruler’s name meant much more than any other fought in world war two. Since that time, Germany had not lost a battle. Following this, they had not won a major battle. It dealt an enormous blow to German morale. So much so that, in Hitler’s tenth anniversary in power, he did not even proclaim the speech himself. This showed that Germany was not the unbreakable wall we speculated and that they were now indeed fighting a defensive war. Many state the Battle of Stalingrad was the pivotal turning point in World

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