Battle Of Stalingrad Thesis

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Captain Dennis W. Dingle’s dissertation, presented before the faculty of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in 1977, concerns the significance of the Soviet Union’s decisive victory at Stalingrad and its impact on the outcome of the Second World War. While much of this information is irrelevant for the purpose of answering the thesis question I have proposed, it does contain indispensable statistics showcasing the economic and military might of the two most pertinent combatant nations in the Second World War in the timeframe of December of 1941 and July of 1943. Stalingrad and the Turning Point on the Soviet-German Front, 1941-1943 is partitioned into seven distinct chapters: Introduction; Background; Geography, Politics and National Will; The Economies of …show more content…

The first of seven introduces the reader to the Battle of Stalingrad by mentioning dates, statistics, significant developments in

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