Essay on The Outdated United States Immigration System

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Immigration is a top political issue in the United States. There are various differences of opinion that society has toward this issue. However, one factor in regards to immigration in which the majority of society can agree is the Nation’s system is currently outdated. Such an agreement is based upon the foundation that we actually “[h]ave more than 10 million undocumented workers in the country” (Gutierrez, 2013). General public concern is foremost driven by the focus on an extreme increase in immigration of undocumented immigrants in recent decades. There is also intereste in whether the impact of the rapid increase has a negative influence on the economy and contributes negatively to our fiscal situation. Pia M. Orrenius,Assistant …show more content…

Americans often struggle with the immigration issue and the best policy to consider as “the right brain sympathizes with illegal immigrants, since they are immigrants, after all, and the United States was founded on immigration. But the left brain fixates on their illegality, which offends Americans’ respect for the rule of law” (Bhagwati, 2013). Reform is most definitely the better option for progression in immigration satisfaction on a broad consensus. The outcome would provide a far more positive impact on various facets of the United States economy and social situation.
The economic impact of such a decision could be solely based on the fact that in accordance with data given by the Migration Policy Institute, “[T]he Obama administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year-more than on all other federal law enforcement agencies combined” (Nation Company, 2013). In fact, with the current United States economic default this spending alone provides a strong case against the enforcement of anti-immigrant laws and in turn shows the responsibility of each concerned member of society to regard such excessive financial depletion of the federal bank and increase in national debt. The social effects executing a complete reform would be based on the theory of humanity and the effect of strict border and deportation laws on families in regards to years of separation and loss of employment

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