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The outsider essay In this essay there will be a couple characters from the book I will not mention all of them in this essay. The two groups are the soc and the greasers. The greasers are Ponyboy Curtis, Darrel Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Two-bit Mathews, Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade. Sodapop has a girlfriend named sandy but she is not mentioned very much. The soc are Randy Anderson, Bob Sheldon, Paul Holden, and Jerry Wood. Bob and Randy both have a girlfriend Cherry Valance is a soc cheerleader and bob's girl friend there's also Marcia, Randy's girlfriend and cherry’s friend. The girls are not mentioned very much in the story and don't play a very big role. Tim Shepard and Curly Shepard are part of another greaser group that helps Darrel in a rumble. A rumble is a street fight were no weapons were allowed. I’m writing this essay on the rumble were pony boy almost got drowned and how they lied to a cop about ponyboy's injuries. They say that pony boy fell off his motorcycle, but really he was in a fight. When the first set up the rumble pony boy isn't …show more content…

Before the rumble all the greasers were getting hypped up and getting ready for the fight when they left for the rumble they were doing front flips, back flips and front hand springs. The reason they know how to do this is because dally took a gymnastic course and taught all the boys how to do flips and stuff. When they get to the rumble no one wants to start it off so Paul holden steps forward and waits for somebody else to do the same. Darry knows Paul from football. The rumble, start just as another member of the greasers shows up his name is duly. The rumble is set to start at 7:00pm and the meal before the rumble pony boy slams down five aspirin. The book is about the three Curtis brothers and it starts with pony boy walking home from school. Back to the rumble the rumble is in a vacant lot. When the socs show up the greasers are already there and waiting for the socs to show

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