The Ozone Layer And Increasing Levels Of Ultraviolet Radiation

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Through the depleting ozone layer and increasing levels of ultraviolet radiation within our atmosphere, skin cancer has risen as one of the major problems within contemporary society. Unfortunately, UV rays increase the risk of obtaining skin cancer since they permanently alter the DNA structure within our cells, creating a vast array of mutated cells. Research has shown that melanoma is considered the most serious type of skin cancer due to the development of dark spots on the skin, which develop in basal cells at the base of the epidermis caused by the exposure of ultraviolet rays. This problem with UV rays and its high level of skin cancer could be prevented if sunblock product companies enforced awareness of sun protection. Due to the lack of information among the public, these sunblock companies should emphasize that sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet rays and further damage the skin, whereas sunblock acts as a barrier between the skin and the UV rays. Thus, the chemicals used in sunblock should be noted since they provide efficient protection against UV rays. Without this explicit promotion of awareness, individuals will keep using sunscreen with SPF as a form of sunburn prevention without being aware that sunblock is the product that will actually provide protection against skin damage and skin cancer.
Even though society relies on sunscreen to protect them from getting sunburned, sunblock is the actual product that protects their skin by blocking ultraviolet rays.

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