The Pacific Theater Of World War Two And The European Theater Essay

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The Pacific Theater of World War Two and the European Theater were very similar in the fact that both included an enemy with beliefs of superiority over other peoples. In the European Theater there were the Germans and their Aryan Race and in the Pacific there were the Japanese with their Yamato Race. The main difference between the Germans and the Japanese however were their ruthlessness, while the Germans would attempt to follow laws of war when it came to captives the Japanese would kill everyone and take no prisoners or when they took prisoners would use abuse. The war in the pacific sparked a race and ideology war between the United States and the Japanese that came to a bitter end when neither were willing to give up the fight. Racism was manifested in many ways during World War Two. The Germans believed that the Aryan race was superior to all other races and began to seek and destroy the race that they believed to be the least. The Japanese, while calling for the unification of Asia, believed that the Japanese Yamato race was the most superior race and in many cases treated their Asian neighbors with the same hatred and malevolence that the German Nazi’s had for the Jews and other undesirables like gypsies. The author goes on and explains the difference between racism and the Japanese and American folk histories that guided them. While the definition of racism is the belief that another race is inferior the ideas of the American and Japanese folk tales tend

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