The Painful Price Of Lies

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The Painful Price of Lies Guy de Maupassant, writer of “The Necklace”, is a renowned French short story author from the 19th century. Considered to have died at a young age from poor mental health, he still produced several short stories and six novels (e.g., Guy de Maupassant is an author who can write in great dept with such little space. “The Necklace” is just one of his many great works that has his consistent technique. This particular short story is about a nice-looking and charismatic woman, named Mathilde Loisel. She is unpleased with her life and she wants a lot more. She desires a wealthy person’s lifestyle, and the things she does to accomplish her goals causes her constant worry. Her husband, Monsieur Loisel, inherits two tickets to the Ministerial Ball. Mr. Loisel is a man that is willing to do anything and everything for his wife, no matter the grievance it causes for him. Mr. Loisel then gives her money to purchase an acceptable dress; after she complains that she has not a thing to wear. The elegant ball dress that she now has is not enough, and she insists that she must have some trinkets. She receives a scornful suggestion, from Monsieur Loisel, to ask Madame Forestier for a piece of jewelry. Mme. Forestier is a woman who for the most part seems very wealthy and really fashionable, and she is the exact kind of woman Mrs. Loisel wants to imitate. After Mme. Loisel borrows a diamond necklace, her temporal happiness is short lived when she
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