The Painted Veil: a Contextual Analysis

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The Painted Veil: A Contextual Analysis ASL ~ Literature in English Introduction • A veil: to cover something up • From a sonnet by poet Percy Bysshe Shelley: “Lift not the painted veil which those who live call life.” • Lifting of illusions and revealing truths “We often fall in love with the illusions we have of about a person rather than who they really are. That is the ‘painted veil’ that is in front of our vision of the truth and when those illusions get torn away it can be process of disenchantment and pain.” Edward Norton • Romantic tales set in 1920s China • Cholera epidemic + civil uprising against British colonization (tensions running high) • Forgoing sugar for pungent truths …show more content…

rgive Kitty and see her in a new light – Acknowledgement: • When he married her he didn’t really know her • He created qualities in her which he wished she had, and not ones she actually possessed • He was also to blame for marital problems – Dying plea for forgiveness: he feels guilty for bringing her to the disease-ridden village (a sign of growth in him) Change in Relationships • On a trip to London Walter meets and

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