The Pandemic of Influenze Essay

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With a huge number of victims, 80 to 100 million, since 1918, the influenza is considered as one of the most pandemic diseases ever. There are three types of influenza virus: influenza virus A, influenza virus B, and influenza virus c. These are a subtypes of the virus family orthomyx-oviride. The types B and C do not cause pandemic diseases while type A does. The type A classified into three main subtype H1.N1, H1.N2, and H3.N2. The (H.N) refers to the two kinds of proteins on the surface of the virus (hemagglutinin and neuraminidase). The difference in numbers is due to the difference in protein variability. A H1.N1 virus which is widely known as Spanish flu is the only type that can transmit from human to human. The H5.N1, or “bird flu” …show more content…

The fastest communication of the virus to humans were reported in turkey. Simultaneously, 1.5 million birds were killed to contain the virus. The symptoms of such a disease that the temperature of your body dramatically starts to increase followed by a cough. Then the host (humans) starts to experience a difficulty in breathing and a severe pain in the stomach most of it ends with diarrhea – a disease happens when our digestive system are not able any more to absorb liquids and minerals. A further exposure to the virus can lead to shock, the respiratory system stop working completely, and the other vital organs like liver fail to function normally and eventually death may occur.
As already mentioned, the H5.N1 is a subtype of an influenza A type. This type consists of RNA. This RNA names as HA and NA. The HA is glycoproteins found on the surface of the virus. This special protein helps the virus to bind to the host cell. While NA is glycosylated enzyme sits on the surface as well. It helps to release the virus from the host cell. In reality, the least pathogenic virus is H5.N1 or (LPAI H5N1), is commonly happening in wild birds for example, in 1983 it is reported that the virus being carried by the ring-billed gulls in Pennsylvania, ( Bird flu (H5.N1) Genetic in news-medical). The virus itself cannot be pathogenic unless some changes occur, which means new progeny. When the RNA of two viruses enters a combination process in the host cell.

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