The Parable Of The Sadhu

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Parable of the Sadhu v Integrity Most people throughout their life, find themselves in instances where they may feel obligated to help. Whether it may be a family or friend who needs your help moving into their new house, or even a stranger who asks for some money to get something to eat. There are people who feel compelled to help in any way they can, and others who feel it is not their responsibility or concern if someone they do not know needs their assistance. The biggest question that seems to pose itself is how much and to what extent are we as human beings required or obligated to help a stranger who is in need. In the Parable of the Sadhu a man named Bowen McCoy is on a mountain climbing expedition with his friend in the …show more content…

McCoy not helping this man leads you to ponder whether if this was someone different would he have assisted further, actually carried the man down the mountain, and ensure his safety. Instead of a Sadhu monk, what if it was a Roman Catholic priest who was naked on the ground clearly freezing to death and in need of help? Things would almost definitely be different. First reason would be that the man is white. People seem to resonate more with people who are within their own race. The Sadhu was a brown man most likely and therefore there is a possibility that had an impact on whether or not McCoy would have helped the man. Secondly, take into consideration how different things would be if this was a white man who was also a priest, and wearing what priests wear with the cross around his neck. McCoy would have seen the man as a holy man who could be from America and desperately needs his help. He would probably also consider what would happen to his if he did not assist the priest and he died. He might consider how people might portray him if they were to find out, or he might feel worse because this is a man who represents “his God” and therefore that should be his first priority. If the man was a priest, then McCoy’s integrity would most likely “kick in.” He would see the priest freezing on the floor, know the right thing to do, and regardless of his personal interests he would act in

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