What Should A Billionaire Give Peter Singer Analysis

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In “What Should a Billionaire Give -- and What Should You?”, Peter Singer repetitively brings up equal, value, and fair share. Imprisoning the imperilled to those terms is the same as stripping them away from diverse human traits and confining them, in order to describe their quality of life. Connecting someone who is seeking help to the connotations of those words and phrases emphasizes that the receivers should be equivalent to the giver and deserve to be helped in ways that uplifts them from their conditions. Givers have no concrete way of determining how much help they should give or how much help those in need deserve. It is demeaning for the receivers when the givers assume their experiences and histories to justify how much support …show more content…

Does it do any good? Should we praise them for giving so much or criticize them for not giving still more? Is it troubling that such momentous decisions are made by a few extremely wealthy individuals? And how do our judgements about them reflect on our own ways of living?” (Wallace, 268).
These questions do not do any good on smaller scales, since it allows the givers to overanalyze the situation when the ones who seeks help are obviously in need of aid in some way, shape, or form. Giving is not about how much because one can only give to the best of one’s abilities. One must give what one can and to the point where one assume that with what one gave, big or small, that the receivers will be able to make use of it to get around an obstacle in their life.
It is dehumanizing to make assumptions and determine how much help other people are entitled when the people’s lifestyles are not accounted for at all. The givers cannot stipulate another person’s worth without knowing the person. While one can only give within reasons, there are more that one can do to endorse their support for people in need or humanitarian organization(s). Helping cannot be based off of how much someone deserves. Givers need to give to the best of their

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