The Parable Of The Six Blind Men

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The parable of the six blind men and the elephant can be likened to an organization where each person perceives his or her role in a different way. Individual perceptions are useful as long as there is one aligning goal or mission statement that each person can derive meaning and purpose. The Trait approach in Chapter Two theorizes that people are born with qualities that make them a leader or a follower. In the story of the six blind men, each of these men had the trait of being blind. Having s similar trait meant that each man was unable to see what the next man saw. In leadership, it is important to have people with different traits and abilities to help the institution aggregately. Likewise, Chapter Three discusses the Skill…show more content…
This bolsters the leader and the management that supports the leader. It also imparts that the leader has weakness and needs help to ensure unity in the institution. Using the Skills method, it would be beneficial for each of the blind men to strengthen his human, technological, and conceptual skills. Focusing on improving the human skills would be especially helpful so that each man can cooperate with the other men to establish, implement, and manage a common vision. The Behavioral approach can be used by the blind men to strive to enhance relationship behavior and consort with each other during the entire process. By communicating more effectively and trying to understand what each man is experiencing, a unified vision could be reached much sooner. Let us assume for the Situational approach that there is a leader of the six blind men who gave them the task of feeling the elephant to determine what it “looks” like. The leader could adjust his or her style of leadership to be more direct or supportive based on the outcome he or she wanted to achieve. For example, if the leader knows that the six blind men lack the ability to see, the leader could be more direct and give the men parameters to complete the task. If no leader exists, one of the men can take the leadership role and provide directions for the other men. (593) Question 2: Selection Committee Questions When selecting a
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