The Parable Of The Sower

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In His teachings, Christ used parables to pass earthly stories with a heavenly meaning to the multitude. He used parables in His teachings to not only fulfill prophecy but also to enlighten the true hearted to challenge hardened hearts of the people (Matt. 13:34-35, KJV). Among His parables, the parable of the sower was the parable inclusive of other parables (soil grounds and the sower) making it one of the main parables of Christ. Four different soils were used to represent four different kinds of people and a sower was to represent a teacher of the word of God. The parable of the sower therefore compares various types of human nature, as the soil grounds and the attitude of people towards the teachings of Christ.
The seeds that fell on the rocky soil represented the expressive people with a shallow and superficial belief in Christ’s teachings (Matt. 13:5-6, KJV). Christ clarified that the people who receive the word with joy but turn away when difficulty or persecution comes are emotional as they try to do what they feel is right in their own way. This explains their lack of commitment towards the teachings of the word and shallow fading interest soon. Jesus meant to teach that the disciples should preserve and never to give up by having a strong faith in Him (Colossians 2:6, KJV). The defiant kind of people with fixed mind and prejudice about the teachings were represented by the seeds that fell on the path (Matt. 13:3-4, KJV). Christ described the people who could hear…
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