The Parable Of The Unjust Judge And The Widow

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Luke 18:1-8 “Will he keep putting them off?” This is the parable of the unjust judge and the widow – so they met and JC is talking about prayers right now. JC told them to show his disciples they should always pray and not give up. In one town there was a judge who did not care about God – so this was a very extreme evil person – you could not get worse. But a widow comes and said grant me justice against my adversary – but would he listen? He doesn’t care about God and he looks down on man so of course he refused. But then what happened? So it is that even though I am this type of person, I will grant justice because this widow keeps bothering me. we have looked at this many times but I hope we can look at this again today – we must always look at God and wear Him out – these are the 2 things – wearing God out and bother Him – so this parable is really great. Even this unjust judge listened when she kept bothering him so how much more will God listen – If you ask for bread will he give you a rock – if you ask for a fish will he give a serpent. But how much do we bother God? We also must wear God out like this. So why was the widow complimented – what was in the widow that JC praised her about? Persistence right? So it is that this widow was persistent – we have to resemble this – how much are we not persistent and we are just like lambs – there should be lambs but we also need wolves in us – when they bite they never let go – When we work, outreach or pray we have

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