The Paradigmatic Shift Of System Theory

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The paradigmatic shift of system theory is the evolution of systematic thinking which is made up of two systems; the simple cybernetics (first order) and cybernetics of cybernetics (second order). The first system of the cybernetics also known as the simple cybernetics is the level in which we view lives from a perspective in which we observe from a different aspect of the outside view. I feel as though when it comes to the first order cybernetics, everything such as the personal view becomes irrelevant to the situation because our focus is on describing what is happening from a different pattern. As for the second order also known the cybernetics of cybernetics transform our view where we are no longer viewing from the outside looking in. In the system, we are now observing the situation from a standpoint which we are involved. In the book, I have acknowledged that it is best to view things that I can observe from the outside looking in and also being and participate in a situation which set my viewpoint than how others view certain situations. In my opinion, in most cases as humans, individuals go through different phases in their lives to learn, and to experience a different perspective when it comes, a prospect of our lives. When the book talks about the system theory/cybernetics it is a little frustrating to comprehend from my understanding and how to connect the theory to a real life situation. As I continue to read I’m trying to think how I would connect the
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