The Parliamentary Debate On The Munich Agreement Essay

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The Parliamentary Debate on the Munich Agreement World War II is among the most significant wars in American history. Although the U.S. didn’t join the war efforts directly until after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the impact the war had on the U.S. was great. Among other causes, the Munich Agreement was one of many things that came into in existence paving the way for WWII to begin. As addressed in the Parliamentary Debate on the Munich Agreement, many in the British Parliament (Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, etc.) discussed the course of action that should be taken regarding Germany and Hitler. Many, including Neville Chamberlain signed this agreement in hopes of maintaining peace, others, like Winston Churchill believed that holding for peace would ultimately lead to their downfall. The Munich Agreement was a pact that allowed Germany to annex many parts of Czechoslovakia also known as Sudetenland; Sudetenland was along Germany’s borders and this is where many of the citizens were native in the language but of different races. These plans on Sudetenland, if acted on would inevitably cause another world war, “…it became known in May 1938 that Hitler and his generals were drawing up a plan for the occupation of Czechoslovakia.” (Munich Agreement). France and Great Britain were allies with Czechoslovakia at this time; Czechoslovakia was also involved in a treaty with the Soviet Union declaring the readiness of the Russian military to assist France and Great Britain

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