The Aftermath of Munich, West Germany Olympic Games Essay

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During the 1972 Olympics games in Munich, West Germany, the German officials wanted to set a different tone to the previous game where Hitler was in power, so West Germany came to the decision to limit the officers to make the image of Germany peaceful. Of course this would have lethal consequences because although Germany may have been peaceful at the time the world specifically Palestine was anything, but peaceful. A terrorist group Black September took 11 Israeli Olympic athletes hostages and in 24 all of the hostages were dead. This was a shock to the whole world and anger fleered in Israel, which the prime minster herself set up an agency, Mossad, to target those who where directly and indirectly involved. The documentary Munich: …show more content…

The viewer is able to tell that the agents are at fear with their lives because not only was their whole body covered, but also their voices where as well changed. The main reason for this is because the film Munich hit a negative cord to them, “It is highly unusual for Mossad personnel to break cover, and it is an indication of their strong objections to the film that so many have chosen to go on the record”(MacAskill). In the documentary the audience is able to see a new side of the operations because of this and is able to conclude a new conclusion that may have otherwise been different if not for the new interviews.
Having multiple points of views also meant having opposite opinions of Operation Wrath of God, which was the name of the operation, in one of the operation, a son of a leader of Black September talked about how his father had nothing to do with the Munich Massacre and how the targeting members was not solving the bigger problem and said “To kill people to solve a problem is just silly” (Munich: Mossad’s Revenge). Of course that was one of the biggest criticism about Steven Spielberg Film Munich, which depicted the operation about revenge, but in the documentary the agents point out it was about “Prevention and not revenge” (O'Brien). And by having different views not just agents the viewer is able to depict their own point of view, but there is still an

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