The Passage, Revelation 3 : 14-22 Essay

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The passage, Revelation 3:14-22 talks about the lukewarm church in Laodicea. The passage explains that the believers, in Laodicea, are spiritually wrecked. The only way that Christ would give them spiritual sight, was for them to repent and be zealous for Him. The church had pushed the Lord outside of it, consequently, was seeking to reenter. The only way for the Lord to reenter, was for them to repent; consequently, for them to know they need God. If anyone hears God’s voice, the believers will open the door to Him; moreover, he will come in . Once they let God into their church, they will see that they have been wrong; consequently, the church will anew with God. The doctrinal view holds that the author of Revelation is the Apostle John. John also wrote the fourth Gospel and the three letters of John. In chapter 3, it talks about the church in Laodicea. Laodicea is 45 miles southeast of Philadelphia; also, it was 90 miles east of Ephesus. The city was located on a high plateau; nonetheless, was very secure from enemy attack. Antiochus founded the city, before 253 B.C. It received its name from Laodicea, Antiochus’ wife. Antiochus was the second king of Syria, by whom he rebuilt and beautified the city. Laodicea was in a terrain predisposed to earthquakes. In 60 A.D., Laodicea experienced a devastating earthquake that tore everything down. They had to rebuild without relying on financial assistance from Rome. God did this to remind them of their spiritual poverty, so

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