The Pasta House Co Business Plan

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Pasta House Co is to be a full service, family Italian restaurant offering affordable, high quality Italian cuisine inspired by authentic family recipes. The goal is to provide customers with an entire dining experience that exceed 's their expectations on every visit. The number of employees are now 21 including management team
Risk is inherent in everything The Pasta House Co does. In many of The Pasta House Co’s activities, it is something that we currently manage and control in a variety of ways. However we do not have a formalised, integrated and visible process to identify risk exposures across all our activities and to provide us with an assurance that these exposures are adequately controlled and any
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Risk Management involves adopting and applying a systematic process to identify, analyse, assess, control and monitor risk so that it is reduced and maintained within an acceptable level. Risk Management is a business tool and a part of “good management” and good planning processes.

* Risk Management will be applied to all The Pasta House Co activities, including those delivered on The Pasta House Co’s behalf by external service providers and project contractors. This will help us to: * * Ensure that the quality and reliability of services and other program outputs are of a very high standard; * Ensure services meet requirements and are delivered within cost and schedule; * Protect employees, property, information and all other assets; and * Comply with all legal requirements relative to areas of risk.
2.3 Background * * The Pasta House Co’s main risk mitigation strategies to date have included administrative, contractual, technical, safety and management controls as a part of business and program activities - for example: * * Policy and procedure manuals and guidelines; * Training and development; * Safety for

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