The Patent Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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With new innovations and products coming out every day patents become very important, especially in the pharmaceutical department. A patent is a grant by the government permitting the inventor exclusive use of an invention for 20 years. During this period, no one could make use, or even sell the invention without authority. With the India’s patent laws covering a manufacturing method rather than the finished product, this causes problems. A patent provides incentive for pharmaceutical companies to continue to create new and better drugs for, but this may cause conflict with the intellectual property issue.
While the intellectual property law is supposed to balance the rights of those who create intellectual property and those who enjoy …show more content…

It limits their business which in result causes them to do less research. While India has done this many other countries have put human rights over intellectual property rights. In every argument there are two sides of the story. In this issue, the person is all for the big companies stating that they should rule and that generic companies should not be allowed to steal from the main brand companies. An alternative to this is to let the generic companies sell, question is why would they be able to sell? “The way of drugs has been instrumental in treatment scale-up for resource-poor settings hard hit by the AIDS epidemic. Around 6.64 million people in low- and middle-income countries are currently receiving drugs to take care of the HIV/AIDS. This would simply not have been possible without a reduction in the price of the antiretroviral drugs.”( With that being said, do major companies actually save people’s lives? From a generic brand point of view, one could argue not. How can a company save people’s lives when a majority of the people who have the disease cannot even afford to buy the drug? With the HIV/AID drugs costing $10,000-$15,000 per year that is very expensive, but $554 from a generic brand in low income countries is much more reasonable ( Therefore, generic companies are

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