The Path Of A Path

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We’ve all followed a path that leads us to where we are right now. Some of us have followed a path that has been straight forward with few wrong turns along the way. Those foibles were easily corrected. Others, like me, didn’t follow a single path. When I consider my path, I cringe at the piles of utter failure; one bad turn after another. I have become intimately connected to loss, despair, and dark pain. Much of that is due to the fact that I decided to go my own way. If you can think of a job that pays just enough to get by, I’ve done it. If you could access the list of colleges that every Fayette County High School senior sent an application to, I can confidently say that I dropped out of 85 percent of them. This path of mine is, typically, unsuitable to human relationships. Especially those who want to care about you. And for some reason, I dragged others down my path because somewhere in my mind I knew that when I found my way out of the dark, everyone would reap the benefits. Ambition, I had. My deficiency was direction. In 2007, I moved back to Lexington for work. Stephanie, my wife, was about to begin a new job after being self-employed in a hair salon of her own for nearly two decades. I was experiencing moderate success in advertising and life was usually smooth sailing. That’s when the bottom dropped out. I used to say that the economy tanked and my employer “downsized me”. The truth is, I was tanking. Conveniently, the economy shadowed me as I whirled

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