The Paul Says Right Before He

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“Let this attitude be in you.” This is what Paul says right before he tells us about Christ. He also says that the same attitude was in Christ. To fully understand the attitude we are to have, we need to make sure we fully understand what attitude was in Christ. He was God and humbled himself all the way down to a “slave”. As a “slave” he was put to death, death on a cross. Death on a cross was the most horrible punishment of its day. From death, he went back to heaven. When he arrived, God exalted for his willingness to be humble. His exaltation was the highest exaltation there could be anywhere in the universe. Jesus started out exalted. He was equal with God as his son. Jesus chose to leave heaven, and he humbled himself down to the lowest of the low, a “slave”. He left equality with God to come to earth to be an obscure “slave”. In that day, slaves did not have much say in anything. They were despised and rejected. Slaves in that day did not have anything. Jesus as a “slave” was despised rejected. Some people did not like what he said. He did not have much on this earth. He was a servant to all.
Being a slave” was Jesus’ life, but he humbled himself even further. He was willing to die for us. At this point in his life, Jesus had left heaven and his glory to come to earth as a “slave”. He humbled himself even further, and he humbled himself down to the point of death. He was willing to go from being God to being put to death. He humbled himself

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