The Perfect Body Image

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The word “ideal” is a frequently used term to describe the sense of perfection.
Actors, models, and celebrities who are seen in magazines, television, and/or social media demonstrate the physical characteristics of the widely desired ideal-image; which includes of being a female who is tall, slender, and blemish-free or a male who is tall, masculine, and smooth-skinned. Because the media constantly presents models and actresses with an unachievable body image it influences both feminine and masculine genders in believing what is considered to be the perfect ideal image in today’s society. Unfortunately, it is within the human nature to strive for perfection and because today’s generation is frequently surrounded by the idealized image a large
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An article published in the University of Minnesota Duluth website titled “Dissatisfaction With Bodies” explains how in the late 1800’s having extra weight was considered to be a sign of good health and being ultra-thin was a sign of sickness. It wasn’t until the 1920’s when people had begun to perform diets, exercises, and sports; it was at this time that having a healthy enhanced body was a sign of being active. Eventually in the 1980’s models started to become thinner and having the hipbone protrude through the skin was considered to be popular at that time. Beginning in the twenty-first century, well-known fashion magazines started to display skinny models in dieting and plastic surgery advertisements, as well as tips on how to lose weight ("Dissatisfaction with bodies").
The mass media uses different ways to establish what is the ideal
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Many people have unwilling fallen as victims of this perfect body image that are commonly shown in magazines and advertisements influencing them to discipline their bodies so they could achieve this standardized ideal image. Models in advertisements are represented as being perfect, but some people are unaware that there are digital effects in play, such as Photoshop. There are more than one third of women who want to have the appearance of a female model; unfortunately, there are also as much men who want to appear like the muscular male models that are presented in the mass media. Since there is such pressure in having a good body women and men can experience societal pressure and guilt about their self body image. Since having the perfect ideal image is the biggest concern in today’s society, many people are constantly reminded as to what is considered as being normal and abnormal. Today it is completely normal to feel guilt when over-eating or not exercising, but if a person fails to feel guilt in these areas it is considered to be abnormal; it is like saying that the person with no feelings of guilt
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