The Period After The Great War

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The period after the Great War, or World War 1, of the early 1900s was a period of great prosperity for African Americans, women, and especially African American women. Though, on the other hand, the 1920s had some conflicts that many Americans could have seen coming. In many ways, the United States had been moving from an older world with not much individuality, to a more modern new world that we can recognize, more clearly, today. The 1920s had consisted of famous riots and restricts many immigrants had to abide by, amendments to the Constitution, and new ways of Blacks expression with the formation of Jazz music. An enormous part to moving into this new prosperous era had been the voyage of African Americans to the North. This had been …show more content…

Immigrants had faced persecution for their color of skin, the traditions of their culture, and the way natives feared how immigrants could take their jobs and depress their wages, along with other reasons. This dislike for immigrants resulted in numerous riots against immigrants and even restriction orders that would be called wrong and unjust in today’s society. The popular Klan, most remembered by its three Ks, the Ku Klux Klan, had come about once again, in relation to its first appearance with all White terrorists who opposed Reconstruction. The KKK, said by Hiram Wesley (Doc. D), had come to speak for the great mass of the Americans of the old pioneer stock. The Klan had formed to be again immigrants, as they desired to keep only American tradition in the United States, which is what many believed was the way it should be. The Klan had even went by the slogan “One flag, One school, One Bible”, to show how native-born people are to be the only norm of the country. These anti-immigrant whites had even gone as far as taking what they felt was right and just to Congress, where they later had cut off virtually all immigrants from southern and Eastern Europe.
Women had also benefited from the Great War in different ways as they had taken up new jobs of that were previously men jobs such as, taking responsibility over farms, the ability to divorce their husbands, increases in divorces is shown on the graph “Marriage and Divorce,

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