The Perpetual Calendar Of Inspiration By Maya Angelou

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“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world, a door opens to allow in more light,” Vera Nazarian quoted in her book The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration. Reading is an educational activity that opens the mind to new ideas and thoughts. The poem “I Love the Look of Words,” by Maya Angelou is used to teach young children that reading is good for the brain, that the feeling one gets after reading a book is unique and satisfying. Many people love reading but it is not a skill that one acquires in one day, it has to be learned from a young age. Angelou creates a cognitive link between popcorn and words to make it comprehensible for young readers that reading is a main factor in learning. Maya Angelou uses Metaphor, imagery and tone to encourage readers to read.
Throughout the whole poem, Angelou compares popcorn to words in a book (1-4). The way popcorn leaps from a bowl into the mouth is the same way words jump from a book into the minds to create new ideas and thoughts. Metaphor is the strongest point of this poem because it makes the reader think about making the right decision as metaphors are used to convey life changing messages/advice. Most important lessons in life are given as metaphors, and if children are reading this they will take it more seriously since it is a message in form of a metaphor. In contrast to metaphor, similes are more direct. There is no hidden message, it’s clear for the reader too comprehend. For example in line 10 to 15, Angelou says,

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