The Perspective Of The Past In The Great Gatsby

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The Perspective of the Past in The Great Gatsby Often in fictional literature, characters are faced with decisions that challenge them to either reconcile or avoid past conflicts that would impact present situations. As evident in the statement by an unknown author, “The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased; it can only be accepted.” The Great Gatsby, a novel of triumph and tragedy written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, involves the same types of characters who ultimately strive to form their own picture of tranquil living despite previous hardships. Decisions to reflect or forget earlier experiences leads to catastrophe and throughout the work, proves that the past continues to trouble each character on a personal and emotional level. Perceiving the past as a time of bliss that could be relived clouded the characters’ good judgement and encouraged careless actions without considering future consequences. The main figures in the novel who equally exhibit unhealthy ambition and reluctance toward their past, Daisy, Gatsby, and Nick directly influence the lives of those around them as well as the outcome of their own fate in the novel. Daisy Buchanan is portrayed as a wealthy and outwardly appealing model of the modern 1920’s woman that is comfortable with her highly desirable and materialistic lifestyle. Daisy used the prospect of money to eradicate the thought of her ephemeral relationship with Gatsby, which was not meant to last from the beginning. Despite the
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