The Philosophy Of Jean Jacques Rousseau

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Thesis Famous philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau beliefs that revolutionize today 's thinkers are… All men are born good. “Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains” There should be a society without government Question: Why do you have this belief that all men are good even though you were mistreated as an engraver’s apprentice? Answer: The reason why I would think like this is because it is a natural human instinct to help other people around, to help our species survive the endeavor. I was helped by many rich people even though they had the choice not to. People are very independent and compassionate, that is why so many people are successful in life. It is just those who don’t appreciate life, thinking that everything is against them is what makes everybody depressed. Government instead of letting people do what they want it forces them into positions they don’t want to be in. Also schools, certain art and certain media are looked over by the government so they can have control over the knowledge of people so certain individuals would not question the government like people did with the church. Many other philosophers had touched on the rich being corrupt like Niccolo Machiavelli stated in the book he wrote The Prince. We have to realize that all nations have fallen because they were greedy and corrupt, and to live happily we must make the choices ourselves not some individual far away. Question: You state that “Man is born free, yet he is

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