The Photographic Representation Of One Building

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Many famous architects have had their architecture promoted using photographs carefully constructed by a favourite photographer of theirs. Le Corbusier had Lucien Hervé. The well-known American photographer, Julius Shulman produced iconic photography of the Stahl house or Case Study House #22 by Pierre Koenig. Choose Le Corbusier, Koenig or another famous modern architect (It need not be an architect mentioned in the lecture course) and their photographer. Explain how they met, the architect’s philosophy and the photographer’s philosophy to represent the architect’s work, on the way, explaining how the two collaborated to publicise the architecture. Focus your essay on the photographic representation of one building by the famous …show more content…

This essentially comes across as the ideal team for promotion.

We can clearly outline the beginning of their strong relationship through the first letter sent by Corbusier, complementing Hervé:

' 'Not only your remarkable vision of my work makes it more complete, but you have the soul of an architect and know exactly how to look at architecture. ' ' – Corbusier (Voyatzis, 2015)

This outlines Hervé eye that Corbusier picked up on. His use of ‘Soul of an Architect’ explores that connection between the two ‘artists’ through the understanding of one another by the first glance; after Hervé photographed 650 of Unité d’Habitation, and sent them to Corbusier, it was the search that Corbusier waited for, finally finding his photographer who shared and understood what he needed. It this especial relationship between Corbusier and Hervé that symbolised dependence and an element of education between two unique individuals.
"The symbiotic relationship between photographers and architects at the time had a lot more meaning than just the photographers being used for marketing," (Redstone, 2014)

Fig 1: Le Corbusier and Lucien Hervé at the high court, India (1955)
Born originally László Elkán in August 1910, Hungary, self-taught, French photographer Hervé went on to become one unique photographer combining a humanist approach with the eye of an Architect. As

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