The Physical Aspect Of A Machine

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1. To answer this question in a short statement, I do not know if those around me are conscious human beings in one decisive manner. Some ways in which we could distinguish each other as humans or as machines can be no longer usable over time. In the movie, Ex Machina, Ava could be physically seen as a machine, for most of her “skin” was transparent. This was then hidden by what I assume is synthetic skin, similar to the other A.I.s. So the visual component was then being put under question, for the outside appearance would seem just as human as someone you pass on a street. Which is why when the main character took a blade to himself, to see if he was machine underneath versus human, I could very much understand the needed reassurance. This physical aspect can be portrayed in many different scenarios but leads to a very unreliable test of who is human versus who is a machine. The next consideration to distinguish a machine is one having a fault in their thought process, or one revealing that they are programmed to think and feel. Granted, this point isn’t very reliable for new “updates” as shown in the movie can be done to the software or the machine’s “brain,” leading to these un-human like qualities, to be fixed. These inhumane qualities are also a point of concern, for how do they define human qualities? Is it for someone to have the ability to empathize, for that quality can be lost to someone who is a mass-murderer. Does this make a very human being not human
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