The Physical Dimension Of Our Sexuality Essay

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The Physical Dimension The physical dimension of our sexuality is crucial in having and maintaining a healthy sexuality. Society has placed such a high demand on bodily perfection and falsely glorified sexual experiences as a norm of perfection for sexuality. “How we feel about ourselves affects how we relate to another person, particularly sexually” (Penner & Penner, p. 35). It is important that we hold a biblical view of our body and be comfortable with our own image. The Penner’s offer practical examples and exercises that allow both the husband and the wife to become familiar with their own body. Body image, defined by the authors, is the physical concern over appearance (Penner & Penner, 2003) and a person’s self-esteem largely depends on how each person view their body image (Hershberger, 1999). Because of this, the body image impacts the sexual relationship quite drastically. The three elements that make the difference on how one may view themselves are; the sensory experience, the feedback, and the comparison to other’s. We can work to resolve inferior body image problems by examining our views and see if they reflect who we are. We can also use various methods to change different aspects of our bodies (makeup, weight change, plastic surgery). One needs to reevaluate who and what they are comparing themselves to and make sure they are using realistic models (Penner & Penner, 2003). When one
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