The Physical Effects Of Smoking

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Physical effects of smoking
The physical effects of smoking are smokers cough this is when the lining of your cilia is damaged because of the chemicals that are inside cigarettes. Smoking will also damage your lungs. It is very addictive which causes you to always want to smoke it. Smokers have a risk of having early death and can lose more then 10 years of their life because of smoking cigarettes. Smoking can also cause strokes this takes place in the brain and also causes the blood to become thick which is more likely to clot. Another effect smoking has physically is that it will weaken your immune system because of the chemicals and the smoke which is produced. This causes to weaken the antibodies and cells that are inside your body which normally help fight off intruders.
The mental effect of smoking
Smokers smoke because they want to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. They think when they smoke it helps them calm down. But in reality, smoking doesn’t help them at all but makes their anxiety and tension much stronger. Smokers feel anxious and when they haven't smoked for a while. These bad feelings they get are temporary because the minute they stop smoking everything comes rushing back. Smoking hides the reality from them because they think it's actually helping them when really, it's causing a psychological disturbance in their brain. When smokers smoke it increases the level of chemicals called dopamine and epinephrine. Dopamine is the name of the chemical

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