Health and Wellness Unit 6 Homework

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Unit 6 Homework 1. Women are the fastest growing population of smokers. Why are more women smoking than ever before? Are there any unique concerns for women smokers? Women have been targeted by cigarette ads through things like losing weight, being independent, and having fun. More women are smoking than ever before because there is a societal need for women to be thin in order to be perceived as beautiful and/or wanted. As far as unique concerns for women smokers, the textbooks states that women who smoke will have more wrinkles than nonsmoking women, and that “lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women” (p.386). 2. Compare and contrast the health effects of smoking cigarettes,…show more content…
Short-term effects are increased respiration, rapid heart rate, decreased appetite, increased physical activity, irregular heartbeat, increased body temperature, and increased blood pressure ( The long-term effects include: skin sores, extreme weight loss, and severe dental problems, as well as higher risk of contracting infectious diseases ( 4. Describe one of the behavioral addictions and explain why you would or would not consider it a true addiction. Sex addiction is a behavioral addiction that I consider to be a true addiction. According to our textbook, addiction is characterized by the following: compulsion, loss of control, continued use despite adverse consequences, and distortions in normal thinking (p. 359). I think that sexual addiction falls under all of those characteristics. Sex addiction involves compulsion, whether that means having sex with multiple partners or just having sex with one partner excessively, it can be classified as a compulsion because the overwhelming desire to have sex is there and there can be obsessive behavior associated with seeking and obtaining it. Sex addiction involves loss of control because the person that is obsessing about sex may become so enthralled by the notion that they go out and have sex with someone or something that they would not normally do. Sex addicts continue to involve themselves in risky situations even with adverse consequences,
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