The Piano Research Paper

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Piano is one of the most popular music instrument in the world, many concert used piano as their primary musical instrument. Piano have a long and colorful history, it’s an important instrument for both professional and amateur musicians. Piano is chordophones, which is a large keyboard instrument. Piano have a sound bar and metal strings inside their wooden case. When the keys on the keyboard are depresses, the hammer inside will struck the metal strings, that’s where the sound come from. The vibration of the strings will stop by the dampers when the player release the key. Piano has the broadest range of all the instruments, music from different instruments can be replayed by piano. There is two types of piano, the grand and the vertical. …show more content…

The Una corda and the sustain are the standard foot pedals on piano. There is also a middle pedal on the standard American grand piano and it’s very rarely used. The una corda pedal is the one on the left side, which is also called the soft pedal. The una corda is used when the player need to enhance the timbre of softly played notes. The una corda should be use with notes that were already played softly, and it does not produce the same effect on notes that should be louder. The una corda was the first pedal to use on piano to modify the sound of piano, and it was originally being used by hand. And it was invented in 1722 by Bartolomeo Cristifori (Kraemer). The middle key is the sostenuto pedal, it was originally called the tone-sustaining pedal. This particularly pedal allows certain notes to sustained and the other key notes were not affected. To use it the player has to hit the desired key and then press down on the pedal, and the selected notes will continue until the pedal is released by the player. This pedal was the last pedal that added to the modern piano, the pedal was not popular until 1874 (Kraemer). Sustain pedal is the right pedal, it’s also called the damper pefdal or the loud pedal. This pedal allows all the notes from the piano to continue the sound after the keys have been released for as long as the pedal is still pressed down. It allow all the notes to echo and overlapping each other. The sustain …show more content…

He’s a musician that can play multiple instruments and he started piano at the age of 6. He composed hundreds of works including sonatas, symphonies, concertos and etc. He was born in a musician family, he’s father was a successful composer, violinist and a concert master. He have a lot famous pieces, the operas le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Die Zauberflote (Col). Another well-known pianist is Ludwig van Beethoven, he was a deaf German composer. Beethoven was also the music figure in classical music. He has been struggle against deafness with his life, and most of the important works was composed in his last 10 years of life. Beethoven’s nine symphonies is he’s best known work. The fifth symphony is also very popular. Beethoven’s nine symphonies was called the cornerstones of Western civilization, and both symphony got famous is because of their grandeur

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