The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

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Introduction (Book – Author – Genre): The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a philosophical/gothic fiction. Setting: The novel takes place in the peak of the Decadent artistic movement of the 1890s, which occurred in the Victorian era of London and is known for its judgmental social standards, highlighting the contrast between the wealthier, materialistic higher classes and the dull middle-class society, making the novel more audacious. Plot: A famous artist named Basil Hallward completes his first portrait of Dorian Gray: a wealthy, beautiful young man who intensely captures Basil’s artistic motivation. Dorian is furious at his painting however, after Basil’s friend, Lord Henry Wotton, explains to him how momentary and fragile his beauty and youth are; and in a fit of madness Dorian promises his soul if the artwork could bear his burden of mortality, guaranteeing him to stay young forever. Dorian corrupts himself throughout the novel with Lord Henry’s accompaniment, spurring rumours of his delinquency and fraudulence, and repeatedly committing horrible sins – spurring his fiancée to kill herself; his brutal, selfish murder of Basil – but always manages to forgive himself. His painting, however, grows older by each sin. When he finally decides to repent his sins, Dorian is youthful still, but his painting is deformed and scarred by his emotional detachment, selfishness and brutality. He stabs the portrait but instead, kills himself. Characters - Dorian Gray is

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