The Pioneers Of Ancient Medicine

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Ancient Greece advanced more than any other ancient civilization. It advanced drastically in drama, philosophy, historical writing, and art and medicine. The advancements undertaken in the field of medicine by the early greek laid the basis for western medicine in three important ways. These include the first pioneers of western medicine, by establishing medical schools, the treatments created by the early Greeks and the creation of the Hippocratic Oath.

The Pioneers of Ancient Greek Medicine

The most notable pioneer of Ancient Greek medicine was probably Hippocrates. He is credited as the father of modern medicine and as the creator of the Hippocratic oath, which even doctors today must swear by to keep their license. His most important accomplishment, however, was changing medicine from spiritually-based to a system based on logic and observation. He believed in keeping the body in balance with nutrition and beneficial herbs and drugs. Doctors in Ancient Greece trained in the method of Hippocrates’ science by using observations to care for patients, applying herbs and drugs, and performing surgery. (GREEK MEDICINE.Net, David K. Osbourn) As Hippocratic medicine grew more popular in the Mediterranean it became the more acceptable than religious, mystical treatments. The Roman Empire eventually adopted the Hippocratic medicine after the conquering of Ancient Greece, therefore spreading it all over the world.

Galen was a very interesting man who paved the way

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